Kyle Browning

Tech Lead Manager (iOS)

A native Texan currently living in San Francisco by way of San Diego, San Antonio, and Houston.

Fascinated by space, spends most of his time writing in Swift, laughing at memes, eating burritos, drinking lots of wine and coffee, not necessarily in that order.

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Below is a quick overview of my main technical skill sets and tools I use.


6 years of experience

I feel right at home with Swift. Its approach to development has drastically reduced my development time. Generics, optionals, associated value enums are a godsend in a modern language. I love writing in it everyday and use it for iOS and Swift on the Server development.

Objective C

7+ years of experience

Learning Objective-C was one of the harder things I've done in life. Coming from a PHP/Perl scripting language background made it difficult to understand memory accountability. Managing AutoRelease pools always felt like a task. Luckily ARC came on board and this got easier. Getting into trouble with retain cycles helped me learn more about how memory works. While I don't write in Objective-C anymore I have spent numerous hours converting Objective-C to Swift.

iOS Development

7+ years of experience

Building applications for iOS has been an absolute joy for me. Each time I deploy a new app or a new update to an app there is a sense of wonderment. It brings me great joy to deliver high quality products to the world. I take a lot of pride in the apps that I build. If I'm not working on my employers app, I'm usually work on my own.

Server Side Swift

2 years of experience.

Somewhat new to the game here but loving every minute of it. I am currently working on NIOAPNS which is a server side swift library used for communication to Apples Push notification server. I work generally with Vapor, and am a contributor to many libraries under its umbrella.


Here is some of my work that I have created with magic.



A non-blocking (SSWG vetted) Swift module for sending remote Apple Push Notification requests to APNS built on http2 and SwiftNIO for use on server side swift platforms.



Waterwheel makes using Drupal as a backend with iOS, macOS, tvOS, or watchOS enjoyable by combining the most used features of Drupal's API's in one SDK.